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Exchange 2003 Audit Script

This is a free script, which Exchange Administrators can use to collect various performance parameters from Exchange 2003 servers. Although this script may at first appear to be exactly like the Exchange 2007 version, it is important to note that all of the information gathered by this script is collected using WMI.

The Exchange 2007 version of the script uses built-in Exchange 2007 cmdlets to collect the information for the report.

The script will collect the following parameters and report that to an HTML file:

Basic OS / computer information
Logical Disk configuration
Queue information
Mailbox database and whitespace
MAPI connectivity tests
Exchange Server services and event logs

Virtu-Al Computer Audit script adapted for Exchange.

This script is a project I maintain in my free time, and which I provide to the community at no cost. If you like this script and use it in production, please help me keep this project free by considering a small donation.

The script can be downloaded from here:

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