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Remote Defrag using WMI

This is a script I created to analyze and defrag Windows 2003 server volumes using the WMI win32_volume defrag method.  The script will collect all volumes on a list of remote servers using WMI. Each volume is then analyzed for fragmentation using the FilePercentFragmentation property. If the fragmentation property is higher than 10 the script will initiate a remote defrag on the volume.  You should see a process on the remote server called “dfrgntfs.exe” running while the defrag is in progress. Sadly I have not found a method to track the progress of the defrag process. You can adjust the fragmentation percentage threshold at which a defrag is initiated by editing line 12.  Replace "SERVER1" "SERVER2" with your server names. Comments or suggestions are always welcome.

$servers="SERVER1", "SERVER2"
foreach( $server in $servers){
Write-Host ""
$v=(gwmi win32_volume -computer $server)
"CURRENT SERVER: {0} " -f $server
"NUMBER VOLUMES: {0} " -f $v.length

foreach( $volume in $v){
Write-Host ""
write-host "Analyzing fragmentation on" ($volume.DriveLetter) "..."
if ($frag -gt "10") {
write-host "Drive" ($volume.DriveLetter) "is currently" $frag "% fragmented." -foreground RED
write-host "Starting remote defrag..."
else {
write-host "Drive" ($volume.DriveLetter) "is not fragmented" -foreground GREEN
Write-Host ""
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  1. Great script, love it !

  2. Thanks Virtu-Al! I am planning an update to this script, which will include some nice reporting.

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