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Exchange 2010 stale & unused mailbox cleanup tool

I have finally completed the testing of the User Mailbox Cleanup tool for Exchange 2010.

Although this script is run from the EMS, it opens as a GUI utility which Exchange Administrators can use to cleanup stale or old Exchange mailboxes from Exchange 2010 mailbox servers.
The utility has a couple of preset search queries to help locate stale or old mailboxes, and once complete, administrators have various options they can use to remove or cleanup these mailboxes.

The script obviously does not care about the significance of the individual mailboxes, although certain system mailboxes are excluded from the search. You still have to verify your selection before you take action against any items.

The script can be downloaded for free from here:


Your comments and feedback with regards to these items are always welcome.

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  1. A tool like this to use with Public Folders would be useful

    • Hi Kirk,

      It is a good suggestion, and I will keep it in mind. It just seems like a lot of work when I think of everything involved in such a tool.


  2. Can this tool be used with exchange 2007?

  3. Hi There,
    Running with exchange 2010 sp2,the tools can not find server.

  4. Hello,

    Question about the stale mailboxes. When i try this on our system there are 0 stale mailboxes. I think this is possible because it does a check for last user activity. Our backup server uses a service account which connects to the mailboxes and therefor there are no stale mailboxes, could there be an option to exclude this account? thanks !

    • Len,

      Thanks for your comment, and sorry for the late reply. The script reads the last logon timestamp on the mailbox. This property is simply a date / time.

      I would imagine that you could build in a line to exclude mailboxes where the LastLoggedOnUserAccount is not you backup user.

      I hope this helps.


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