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Legacy mailboxes on Exchange 2007

One of our users had a problem logging onto OWA today, and I noticed that the icon for his mailbox in the GUI displayed as a legacy mailbox, although he was located on an Exchange 2007 mailbox server.

After countless searches, I came across this article: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/941146. It explains that the msExchVersion property on the AD object is not set correctly, and that using set-mailbox –ApplyMandatoryProperties would resolve the problem. Looking at the help information on set-mailbox this could also be caused by users being created on Exchange 2007 server using the Exchange 2003 tools, although these users were migrated from Exchange 2003.

So, how to correct this? First get a list of all mailboxes on the Exchange 2007 server with the incorrect version. Using get-mailbox, the incorrect Exchange version displays as 0.0 (6.5.6500.0) The following command returns a list of these mailboxes by server (where SERVER1 is your Exchange 2007 server):

get-mailbox -server SERVER1 -resultsize unlimited | where {$_.ExchangeVersion -like "*0.0*"} | select Name, ExchangeVersion

Once you verify the list, pipe them to set-mailbox.

get-mailbox -server SERVER1 -resultsize unlimited | where {$_.ExchangeVersion -like "*0.0*"} | Set-Mailbox –ApplyMandatoryProperties

This resolved the problem for me, easily, on multiple Exchange mailboxes. Running the get-mailbox command again, returned no results after applying set-mailbox to the problematic mailboxes.

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  1. Thanks a bunch, ran into this today with two mailboxes. In the process of going to 2013 and i wanted to clean things up with a new policy.

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