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Exchange 2013 Audit Script

Posted by Jean Louw

I finally had time to finish the last little issues with this script.

As with the Exchange 2010 script, this script can be used to audit various aspects of Exchange servers in the organization. Some administrators may deploy it as a morning check script, to check the health of the environment, while others may use it at client sites, as a quick overview of the server health.


- Audit Exchange 2013 servers including all features of the Exchange 2010 script.
- Added DAG health (get-mailboxdatabasecopystatus).
- Added certificates check to alert about expiring certificates.
- Colour coded some of the alerts to make them more visual.
- Updated the script output to a more Exchange 2013 look and feel.
- Added a check for the CU version of Exchange.
- Reduced the Event Log checks to 4 hours to increase speed, and reduce output size.

I have decided to make this script a GitHub project, so that anyone with PowerShell / Exchange knowledge can contribute to the project.

This script is a project I maintain in my free time, and which I provide to the community at no cost. If you like this script and use it in production, please help me keep this project free by considering a small donation.

The latest version of the script can be downloaded at https://github.com/technologicza/testexchange2013