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Updated: Exchange 2010 Audit Script

Posted by Jean Louw

I have made some updates to the script:

  • Fixed the pipeline issue – You can now use commands like Get-ExchangeServer and pipe that to the script to build a server selection.
  • Embedded the header image into the HTML – This now allows you to display the image even if the server is not connected to the Internet.
  • Changed logical disk information to volume information – This will include volume mount points.
  • Database whitespace – the mailbox database report now displays the whitespace for each database.
  • Move Requests – I have added the ability to display uncleared move requests. This however will currently display on the report for any mailbox server.
  • The version number now correctly displays as 1.1 instead of 4.

Some items I still need to fix:

  • HTML / javascript error with single file report.
  • Colour on the move request section.
  • DAG information and mailbox count by server.
  • Display move requests from current server only.

If you have any additional requests for items you would like to see in the script, or even of you feel the colour scheme is horrible, please let me know.

More complete information, and the download link for the script can be found here:


Exchange 2010 Audit Script – Version 1

Posted by Jean Louw

I have had a couple of requests from a few readers for access to test the Exchange 2010 version of the Audit script, and I made a commitment to have this ready in January 2011. Although the script is nowhere near complete, this is a full working version which can be used to collect information from Exchange 2010 servers.

I have been very busy between work and family commitments, so I will continue to add features as and when time permits.

A couple of bugs I am aware of:

  • You cannot pipe server names to the script yet – this worked on the 2007 script so I need to spend time troubleshooting this.
  • You need to create the test mailboxes manually – refer to my post here for more info: http://www.powershellneedfulthings.com/?p=124
  • You can use the "-output s" parameter to force multiple scans onto a single report. There is a bug in the HTML code which causes the expand function on the HTML report to work incorrectly.

A couple of features I still plan to add:

  • Add volume mount points into the disk report.
  • Database Availability Group reports - I plan to add some reports with regards to the DAG if the server is a member of a DAG.
  • If a database is currently active on a server report on the number of mailboxes and total mailbox count for the current server.
  • Report on uncleared move requests and their status.

I know development is a little slow at the moment, but please be patient, when I start Exchange 2010 in a VM on my current laptop its like I have kicked it in the stomach. I will need to upgrade soon, and I am considering creating a donation option on to enable you guys to contribute to the hardware, but at this stage it is still debatable.

Other than that, I hope you can use the script in your environment, and please send me your feedback and enhancement requests so that I can add them to the wish list.

More complete information, and the download link for the script can be found here: