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Update: Exchange 2010 Audit Script

Posted by Jean Louw

I have posted an update to the Exchange 2010 Audit script.

This update now includes a fix for a server list from the pipeline and the image is now properly embedded into the HTML report.

The updated script can be downloaded from:


Your comments and suggestions are always welcome.

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Updated: Exchange 2010 Mailbox cleanup utility

Posted by Jean Louw

Some users reported that the mailbox server field or the mailbox database field would be empty.

This was a problem with variable that stored the contents. I have patched this, and the new file can be downloaded from here:


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Blog Update

Posted by Jean Louw

I am currently busy updating the theme of the blog, and implementing a menu system.

The menu system will give readers easy access to some of the more popular items on my site.

Please be patient while I am updating the site as some of the menu items are still be finalized.

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Find specific group membership

Posted by Jean Louw

One of our administrators needed to present a report, which could show a list of users, and whether or not, they belonged to a specific group or groups, which control their browsing privileges.

Doing this manually was an immense task, but obviously using Powershell, it becomes a job you can do while reading your news paper.

The script example is a very basic solution, but it gets the job done. It uses the Quest Active Roles commands in an expression, which displays yet again, the magic of Powershell and how much time it could save you as an administrator, when working with thousands of items this way.

Although this is not groundbreaking stuff, I share this in the hope that it could save someone else some time.

$websense = @{Name="WebSense Group";expression={Get-QADMemberOf -sizelimit 0 -identity $_ | where {($_.Name -like "*Websense*") -or ($_.Name -match "Global Browsing")}}}
(gc .\users.txt) | foreach {Get-QADUser -sizelimit 0 -identity $_} | select Name, $websense | Export-Csv .\websense.csv
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First version of my PowerPack uploaded

Posted by Jean Louw

I really wanted to see how complicated it would be to write a very basic PowerPack for PowerGUI.
I had recently updated my WMI defrag script to report to HTML, so I thought this would be an excellent candidate for a PowerPack.
I must admit that, at first it is not very straight forward, but the more time you spend on it the easier it becomes. I am really looking forward to re-create some of my favorite apps / scripts as PowerPacks. I think this is an excellent platform from Quest.
More info and download of the PowerPack is available here.
Suggestions / comments always welcome. Have mercy, it’s my first attempt at a PowerPack.
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Update: Automatically clean up orphaned user directories

Posted by Jean Louw

 As an update to the automatic cleanup script, this script will do essentially the same, but will also attempt to take ownership of the folder before renaming it. This was added because some of our users had full control on their folders, and removed all other permission from the folder.

There is a slight problem with get-acl and set-acl. The ownership will fail if you can’t read the ACL. If that fails, as a last resort, the script writes the failures out to a text file, which can be used as a batch file with a little utility called takeown.exe which will take ownership of the folders regardless. On a re-run of the script, the rename will succeed.

You can download the script from here:
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Posted by Jean Louw

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