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Exchange Audit Script

Exchange Audit Script

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  1. Hi Jean,

    Wonderful example of scripting. I am a beginner in Scripting and i find you script quite useful and handy for Exchange Admin’s. I have a few suggestions if you can include in your script or probably let me know if i can do it.

    1. In Mailbox Stores Row i want the mailbox sizes to be populated with current size of the database.
    2. Is it possible to have a separate HTML table right on the top which would capture errors reported or Services not running and servers which it caught this error.
    3. Can you possibly introduce signals Indicators (Traffic Lights) for any servers which shows status Green (No issues) and Red (Issues observed).

    In a large scale environment which hosts hundreds of servers its a pretty easier approach to cater the impacted servers 1st.

    Hope if you can help me with this……
    Anyways …… Great Work !!!

    • Hi Sandeep,

      Thanks for you feedback. In reply to your comment:

      1. Do you mean all the mailboxes on database? This could make the report rather large.
      2. I have been thinking about this, but its difficult to collect and store this info when the script runs.
      3. Again, the script doesn’t actually know that there is a problem, it merely writes out the current value for a certain property. This makes it hard to collect “errors” while running.

      If I have a little more time, I can look at adding something like this later.

      Thanks again for downloading the script.

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